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We’d love you to join us!
For just $17 per month you could become a GOLD supporter of our club!
Like many people these days, you probably have some things going on in your life that impact your ability to contribute to our community – work and family commitments often get in the way of being able to volunteer your time. We know this and think we have a great solution which allows you to contribute to our club without having to use up your valuable time.
Kaikoura Rugby Club caters for primary age children through to our seniors while also helping the Kaikoura High School rugby team where we can. We have a host of volunteers who coach, organise, manage and provide food for after match functions.
We survive on subscriptions paid by players and their families, grants, and also on our dedicated bunch of volunteers. We are very lucky to have the support of local businesses who are keen to see kids on the sports field developing life and fitness skills through a great team game. However this is not enough for us to provide the things we believe are really important to our club. Good facilities, clean and matching uniforms, travel, medical kits, drink bottles are just some of things we need to review and replace each year.
Heres how you can help. You can become a Gold or Silver supporter.
Gold is $204 per year and Silver $120. In each case your name will be proudly displayed in our club rooms and you will be recognised in after match speeches for your contribution. And of course we’d love to see you at the clubrooms.
We know this is a lot of money to come up with and we have an idea to make it easier if writing a cheque for the Supporters Club is a bit tough right now. By setting up an automatic payment for $17 per month to our rugby club account you will become a Gold supporter, and $10 per month for Silver.

And of course the real benefit to you is that you will be able to spend your time on the things that are really important to you, knowing you are supporting our community in the most effective way.
If you’d like to discuss becoming a supporter and the huge difference it can make please call either:

 Chairman: Tony Anker 021 0423425   or   Treasurer: Jude Anker 027 503 1080.